Will the City continue to conduct business?

Moab City Buildings to close to limit COvid-19 risk

As a health and safety measure in response to concerns about COVID-19, all City of Moab buildings will be closed to the public at the end of business on Friday, March 13.

The City will continue to conduct business. Anyone who needs to do business with the City or a tenant in City Hall is asked to call the appropriate number listed below:

  • Administration- 435-259-5121 (please listen for options)
  • Business Licensing – 435-259-5123
  • Utilities (Water, Sewer, Trash) - 435-259-5123
  • Communications-435-260-7027
  • Code Compliance-435-259-5129 option 4
  • Police- 435-259-8115 (Dispatch)
  • Animal Shelter-435-259-0199
  • Planning- 435-259-5129
  • Film Commission-435-259-4341
  • Engineering-435-259-4941
  • Recorder-435-259-2683
  • Treasurer-435-259-5123
  • Finance- 435-259-5121 ext. 830
  • Building Inspection-435-259-5129 option 1
  • Public Works-435-259-7485
  • MRAC-435-259-8226
  • Recreation-435-259-2255
  • MARC-435-259-6272
  • AP&P-435-259-7411
  • SITLA-435-259-7417
  • DCFS Assistant Attorney General -435-259-7464

The City will provide updates on our website, www.moabcity.org, and our Facebook Page, Facebook.com/cityofmoab as new information is available.

“We are taking this preventive measure in response to ‘social distancing’ recommendations from the State of Utah and the Centers for Disease Control,” said Moab City Manager Joel Linares. “We will continue working for our community while limiting person-to-person exposure both for our residents and our staff. We appreciate the community’s understanding as we all work together to manage and mitigate this serious issue.”

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