Water Utility Resource Management Plan

Project Description

The City of Moab and surrounding communities of the Moab/ Spanish Valley are experiencing sustained population growth and steady tourist visitation, leading to increased water demand. In addition, uncertainties about the climate and extended drought have generated concerns regarding water supplies. These issues affect areas of Grand and San Juan Counties arounWURMP is and isntd Moab.  Water in the Moab area is provided by the City of Moab (Moab), the Grand Water & Sewer Service Agency (GWSSA), and the San Juan Spanish Valley Special Service District (SJVSSD). In addressing these concerns, Moab, GWSSA, and SJVSSD have formed a coalition of water providers (the Coalition) for the purpose of studying long-term water supply and policy planning.

The Coalition is considering shared new projects, as well as enhanced efficiencies for existing water sources as a way to maximize all of the water resources in the Spanish Valley. The project scope includes inventories of existing water sources, storage, and distribution systems; evaluation of the agencies’ current water rights; projections of future water demand; and evaluation of alternative future water infrastructure to support anticipated growth. The project scope does not address private water rights or sources. 

The work of the Coalition will be accomplished by preparing and implementing a coordinated Water Utility Resource Management Plan (WURMP). The Plan will assist these agencies in implementing policies intended to ensure resilient water resource supply and management for residents, visitors, and businesses for the next 100 years. 

Ask the Consultants

Email your questions about water resources in the Valley
(To make general comments or ask questions about the project please click the link above or email Sophie at sfrankenburg@logansimpson.com)

A large part of this process is engaging with the public to answer key questions about the water supply and help the community understand this valuable resource better. Keep an eye out on this webpage and Moab’s Social Media to see updates and upcoming events throughout this process.


In the spring of 2022, the Coalition retained the services of Hansen, Allen and Luce (HAL) Engineers to gather and analyze relevant data, evaluate alternative water supply sources, and develop technical reports to support the work of the Coalition. The Coalition has also retained the planning consulting firm Logan Simpson to support public outreach and engagement in the planning process.

Since then, the Coalition has been meeting regularly to review the collected data and analyses, consider alternative future water supply, storage, and distribution systems; and discuss public input received as the planning progresses. During the summer and fall of 2022, Logan Simpson conducted a series of interviews with government officials, interested citizens, and other stakeholders to gather information regarding concerns and suggestions relevant to the work of the Coalition.  

On December 14, the Coalition met with the WURMP Focus Group, representatives of the leadership of the participating Coalition partners, to conduct a public issues and opportunities workshop, based on the information gathered to date, and update them on project status. 

Watch the Dec. 14, 2022 meeting

How To Be Involved

Future Solutions Focus Group Meeting
May 22, 2023

The Coalition members plan to hold a second Coalition Members Focus Group to review additional information, future solutions, public input to date, and consider alternative approaches to meeting the objectives of the Coalition members. That workshop will be held May 22. Shortly after this second focus group meeting, the Coalition will conduct an in-person public open house in Moab. The open house will be held May 24 at the Grand Center

Join the focus group meeting by Zoom May 22 at 6 p.m. for information, future scenario planning discussion, and project update.  The public is asked to submit questions or comments prior to the meeting. 

Zoom link: bit.ly/WURMPFocusGroup2 (or scan the QR code). 

Submit your questions or comments no later than 4 p.m. on May 22 to communication@moabcity.org

Public Open House

Our team will facilitate an in-person public open house on May 24 to display input received to date, preview discussed alternatives and solutions, and gain feedback on presented alternatives. 

The Open House will be held:

Wednesday, May 24, 5-7 p.m. 
Grand Center, 182 North 500 West

Can't Attend in Person? 
You can still review the materials presented and comment online.

View the Open House materials and comment online here.

The online comment period will be open through June 1.

Public Open House #2 TBD

Toward the conclusion of the project, the team will facilitate a second public open house to present the draft Water Utility Resource Management Plan. This event will showcase the alternatives, solutions, the feedback given during the project, and receive further comments on the draft prior to adoption by the City Council.  

Valuable Resources

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