Flood Damage Information

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Flood Damage Cleanup and Reporting Information

The City of Moab and Grand County recommend that all residents and businesses who are impacted by the August 20, 2022, Mill Creek flash flood follow these simple steps for managing the cleanup and reporting process: 

  • Contact your insurance agent
    This is the very first thing you need to do if you have not done so already.
  • Document everything  
    Document damage, take pictures and/or video, note dates and times where possible, etc. If you have any "before" pictures and/or video, please include them when completing the damage report form below.
  • Report
    See below for Property Damage and Volunteer reporting related to the Aug. 20, 2022,  flood and include all documentation, submit multiple submissions if necessary.  
  • Contact the Moab City Building Inspector at 435-259-5129 for questions or issues with forms or to schedule an inspection of the property for structural damage.
  • Cleanup Information  
    The City of Moab Public Works Department will assist with tree limb and debris removal for properties located within city limits: 

    County residents should contact Grand County for instructions on debris removal for properties located in the county. 

City cleanup instructions: 
Please move the debris to the curb in front of your property. Do not place tree limbs or debris in the street or gutter as it is a street hazard and also could clog stormwater drains in the event of more rain.

Call the Moab Public Works Department at 435-259-7485, Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. to arrange debris pickup.
Please leave a message including your name, address and phone number if there is no answer and someone will return your call.  

5. Repair 
Work with a qualified contractor to get quotes for repair.

Other resources:
City of Moab Flood Zone Map

FEMA Insurance Claim Information

Team Rubicon To Help Clean Up Flood-Damaged Properties in Moab/Grand CountyTeam-Rubicon-logoTeam Rubicon, an internationally recognized veteran-led disaster response organization, plans to come to Moab to help with the cleanup effort. 

To speed up the process, property owners are asked to complete a right-of-entry form in advance of Team Rubicon’s arrival in Grand County. This form is required and gives Team Rubicon permission to be present on the property to perform the cleanup assistance work. 

The form is available in standard PDF format for downloading and printing, and fillable PDF format for downloading and emailing.

Please download the fillable PDF to your computer to complete and add your digital signature or print the regular PDF form. Once completed, email your form to flood@moabcity.org or deliver to the Grand County Commission Office, 125 E. Center Street.

Download the fillable PDF form

Download the PDF form for printing

Sandbags available 3

 Beware of Scams! 

Unfortunately, all Grand County residents should be aware that scam companies sometimes target communities after a disaster, such as the damage and cleanup following the Aug. 20, 2022, Mill Creek flood. 

CLICK HERE for important information to help protect against disaster cleanup scams.The document also includes additional resources and tips.

August 20, 2022, Flash Flooding Event

Grand County is collecting damage assessment information for both the County and the City of Moab to help coordinate resources and cleanup efforts, and as part of the documentation needed to apply for state and federal funding to aid our community in the aftermath of the Aug. 20 Mill Creek flood.

We also request that you complete the Volunteer Hours form to self-document volunteer hours and information due to the Aug. 20 flood event. 

Complete the Private Property Damage Assessment form below (or click the link) to self-report damage to your property. 

Private Property Damage Assessment

Complete the form below to self-report volunteer hours.

Volunteer Hours Reporting