Affordable Housing

Walnut Lane Apartments

In 2018, the City purchased the trailer park located at 250 & 280 W Walnut Lane and intends to develop it into an 80-unit multifamily housing development. The City intends for the project to be an affordable, sustainable community for residents across a range of incomes. For more information about the project here.

Moab Area Housing Task Force

The Moab Area Housing Task Force (MAHTF) is a voluntary body of community members that lobbies for fair housing opportunities for every resident of the Moab area. 

MAHTF Responsibilities

  • Host monthly meetings to discuss housing-related community updatesHands holding house

  • Develop and implement action plans related to promoting and expanding local affordable housing projects and policies

  • Create educational materials

  • Provide recommendations for housing-related policies

MAHTF Meetings

The MAHTF meets on the 1st Thursday of the month at 11 a.m. All Task Force meetings are open to the public. And are currently held via Zoom. 

 To access agendas and minutes, click here.

For the most up-to-date information on the Moab Area Housing Task Force, visit


Moab Area Affordable Housing Plan

The Moab Area Housing Task Force, Grand County, and City of Moab just updated the affordable housing plan for the Moab area. The full plan can be found online here or may be downloaded as PDFs from the links below:

For up-to-date housing data, please click here.

Assured Housing Report

In 2017, Grand County and the City of Moab contracted with BAE Economics to analyze the feasibility of an assured housing (also known as inclusionary zoning) policy for the Moab Area. These reports informed the Workforce Assured Housing Ordinance (WAHO) adopted by the City in 2018.