2020 Ordinances

Previous years’ ordinances are available in our City Archives

Ordinance NumberSubjectDate Adopted
2020-01An Ordinance Approving a Zoning Map Amendment for Property Owned by the City of Moab at 193 Walnut Lane (Mailing Addresses 250 & 280 W. Walnut Lane) From R-2 Single-Household and Two-Household Residential Zone to R-4 Manufactured Housing Residential Zone, and Amending the City of Moab Official Zoning Map
2020-05An Ordinance Repealing City of Moab Municipal Code, Chapter 5.20, Alcoholic Beverages and Amending Chapter 3.50 Removing All Fees for Alcohol Licenses
2020-06An Ordinance Repealing and Replacing the City of Moab’s Municipal Code Section 2.04.100
2020-07An Ordinance Amending Chapter 3.50, Master Fee Schedule, of the Moab Municipal Code to Update and Modify Certain Fees and Rates Charged by the City
2020-08An Ordinance of the City Council of Moab Annexing the Lions Back Holdings, LLC, Property at 938 and 940 South Highway 191 to the City of Moab and Assigning the Zone of C-4 General Commercial to the Parcel
2020-09An Ordinance Adopting the City of Moab Pay Plan Schedule and Adopting the Exempt and Elected Officials Salaries for Fiscal Year 2020-2021
2020-11An Ordinance to Create the Arches Hotspot Region Coordinating Committee for the City of Moab to Include Title, Chapter, and Section Organization
2020-12An Ordinance Approving a Zoning Map Amendment for Property Located at 191 Walnut Lane, Consolidating a Split Zone Parcel from R-2 Single-Household and Two-Household Residential Zone, and R-4 Manufactured Housing Residential Zone, to Only R-4 Manufactured Housing Residential Zone
2020-15An Ordinance to Establish Speed Limits for Off-Highway Vehicles Not Including Motorcycles
2020-16An Ordinance Imposing a Local Sales and Use Tax of One-Tenth (1/10) of One Percent (0.1%) to Fund Cultural Arts Facilities and Programs and Recreation Facilities in the City of Moab, Providing Severability and an Effective Date for the Ordinance