Code Compliance


Violations are (more often than not) caused by lack of knowledge regarding codes and are easily resolved.

Code Compliance provides periodical announcements in the paper, social media, and on our webpage regarding common Moab Municipal Code and how to avoid receiving a violation. We may also mail postcards to specific demographics as a friendly reminder for issues such as illegal camping and grease trap requirements.

The violation complaint process will be based on complaint-driven concerns submitted by residents; short-term rentals conducting business without a business license are current priority. Please click link to the right of this text to submit an online code complaint for our review.

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To submit a code complaint

  1. Common Violations
  2. Common Violations Handled by Others
Storage of junk, debris, and inoperable/unlicensed vehicles 17.09.100
Conducting business without a business license (including short-term rentals) 5.04.010
Expired business license 5.04.060
Residential short-term rentals prohibited 17.09.700
Camping in undesignated area 8.20.010
Using a recreational vehicle as a dwelling 15.36.010
Maintain weed growth on property 8.08.060
Construction without a permit (usually in conjunction with other code violations) 17.72.010
Grease trap discharge limit 13.20.200