Building Inspection


The City of Moab is pleased to announce its newly hired Building Inspector. Barry Ellison has joined the City's Planning and Zoning team, which, along with the City's in-house Engineering team, completes our full team of planning, zoning, engineering, and building services for the City.
Effective January 1, 2019, all applications, plans, and additional construction documents (including digital versions) required for City building permits should be submitted to the City of Moab's Building Inspector at for review and to obtain a building permit. To schedule an inspection, contact the City of Moab at 435-259-5129.

Please bear with us during this transition period. This is a new department and our personnel may not be familiar with you. When calling to schedule an inspection, be sure you have the correct address and permit number. We will continue to use iWorQ for plan reviews and inspections and may ask that you update your contact information with us at some future time. City building permit applications are available below. We will be adding additional information and resources to the website over the next few weeks.
We are excited to be able to offer our "one-stop shopping" for construction as we move forward. Please contact our office at 435-259-5129 if you have any questions regarding this transition.


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