2019 Resolutions

Previous years' resolutions are available in our City Archives
Resolution Number
Date Adopted
01-2019Park PolicyPending
02-2019A Resolution Approving the Preserve Subdivision Phase 3 Final Plat, as Referred to Council by the Planning Commission
03-2019A Resolution Approving a Waste Hauling Agreement
04-2019Sunset Twinhomes Final Plat01/08/2019
05-2019Interlocal Cooperation Agreement With The San Juan Spanish Valley Special Services District regarding wastewater services
06-2019A Resolution Confirming the Appointment of Rachel Stenta as the City Finance Director; and Authorizing the Mayor to Execute an Employment Agreement
07-2019A Resolution Commemorating Martin Luther King, Jr. DayPending
08-2019A Resolution Approving a Memorandum of Understanding with Canyonlands Arts Council for Arts FundingPending
09-2019A Resolution Approving an Interlocal Agreement with Grand County regarding non-motorized trails and active transportationPending
10-2019A Resolution Approving an Amended Easement Agreement for Emergency Access and Temporary Oversize Construction Vehicle Access to Properties Along the 200 South Right-Of-Way