Tawny Knuteson-Boyd

Tawny Knuteson-BoydTawny Knuteson-Boyd has served on the Moab City Council since 2015.

"I moved to Moab in 2004, in part because my husband was raised here and wanted to come home. I was at first dubious, given the difficulty I had had in another small town finding decent employment. To my surprise, I lucked out, had a decent skill set and found jobs that made sense and enabled us to live in Moab. The tough and lean times were finally paying off. I grew to love the area, not only for its scenery and beauty but for the people I met along the way. My heart and soul became content and at peace," Tawny says.

"I ran for Moab City Council in 2015 because I had been approached and encouraged by a few different people. I was at a place in life where I could give it the attention it deserved. I had not really envisioned in my lifetime I could or would run for an elected office, but sometimes seizing the day is good advice. I have come to have deep appreciation and concern for Moab's citizens from all walks of life. I fully understand that I serve every resident of our town, regardless if we agree, regardless whom they voted for. I strive to bring to the council a solid work ethic, preparedness, approachability, compassion, a desire to listen, a logical thought process, fair-mindedness and above all, honesty and transparency. Please don't hesitate to call or email me; I am always happy to make time for your concerns and conversations."

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Phone: 435-260-8788