Voter Registration

Voter Registration Records are administered by the Grand County Clerk, 125 E. Center Street, Moab.

To Vote in a Moab City Election, you must be an eligible, registered voter. You may register to vote if you meet the following criteria as outlined in Utah Code Annotated 20A-2-101:

  1. You are a citizen of the United States
  2. You have been a resident of Utah for at least the 30 days immediately before the election;
  3. You will be at least 18 years old on the day of the election; and
  4. You currently reside within the voting district or precinct in which the person applies to register to vote.

Voter registration is valid for life unless you:

  • Move;
  • Change your Name; or
  • Wish to affiliate with a different party

Register to vote!

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