Transparent Moab

The City of Moab strives to maintain a transparent government environment for our citizens. We classify all city records in accordance with the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA) and we post all city financial transactions to the Transparent Utah Website.


The City Recorder is appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council. Assisting the Recorder are two full-time deputy recorders.


The Recorder's Office performs the same duties as a City Clerk and handles a diverse workload for the city related to accounting, purchasing, human resources, business licensing, information systems management, asset management, elections, and record keeping. This office is responsible for preparing, reconciling, and distributing monthly financial statements and balance sheets.


The Recorder's Office prepares and secures competitive bids, reviews and approves all city purchases, manages accounts payable and processes vendor payments. All public noticing of meetings, agendas, and ordinances are posted by this office. The Recorder's Office also processes all municipal annexations.


Record-keeping for a municipality is critical. The Recorder's Office has the job of keeping the official record of all City Council actions, including resolutions, ordinances, contracts, and minutes. All records are handled in accordance with the Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA). 

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The City Recorder is the election official for the City of Moab. Municipal elections are conducted by mail-in ballot and results are tabulated through the Grand County Clerk/Auditor's office. 

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