Police Department


The Moab Police Department consists of nineteen (19) Sworn Police Officers, three (3) Code Enforcement Officers, one (1) Code Compliance Specialist, one (1) Animal Shelter member, two (2) Victim Advocates, three (3) civilian staff members, and one (1) part-time crossing guard.

Recruiting and retention are a priority for the MPD. It is our goal  to be fully staffed by the end of 2023, and to establish a consistent and professional police department which fosters opportunity for continued growth and development. 

Community Involvement

We are committed to building and maintaining strong partnerships within our community. We are fortunate to have an abundance of community service providers and entities in our community. We recognize the critical role we serve to provide public safety and we strive to be a reliable partner to our community members, leaders, and other stakeholders to engage those in need. 

We are also committed to providing consistent and comprehensive public safety information to the community, providing better opportunities for positive engagement, and sharing information related to law enforcement activities in our community. 

We recognize we cannot build strong relationships from the inside of a patrol vehicle or our police station. Moab Police Department will take a mindful approach to interact with the public through bike and foot patrols in our most frequented areas. 

The MPD will partner with our local law enforcement partners, community, and school administrators to ensure our children can grow up in safe schools and a safe community. 

Resources for Victims of Crimes

If you are a victim of a crime please contact a Victim Advocate, who can assist you with navigating your rights and other resources. Click HERE for more information about our Victim Assistance Program.

Moab City Victim Resources Information

(click the link to view our resources brochure)

Moab Police Department Sexual Assault Investigations Policy

Moab Police Department 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

The Moab City Police Department has developed this multi-year strategic plan to outline the department's goals, mission, vision, community engagement efforts, and other priorities for the department and the safety of our community. 

Click on the image below to read the full strategic plan.Moab PD Strategic Plan 2023 Opens in new window